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Barrel & Bone is a small artisan food business dedicated to handcrafting delicious, gut healthy foods

At Barrel & Bone we preserve differently, we age our sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles the old fashioned way.  We do not use sugary vinegar, instead we favour traditional lactic acid fermentation cultivating the naturally occurring probiotic, gut friendly bacteria with salt, time and patience.  We use pink himalayan rock salt in our preserves that contains all the essential minerals your body needs and we only use real ingredients, there are no artificial preservatives or additives in our products.  This process has been used for thousands of years and it substantially increases the nutritional content of the food.

Our range of refreshing and aromatic Kombucha drinks are made using the finest tea blends with natural botanicals allowing for sophisticated flavour profiles.  Our Kombucha drinks are unpasteurised and unfiltered making them healthy and refreshing as well as being a great alternative to alcohol.

Highly nutritious and full of probiotics, fermented foods are a key ingredient to a healthy diet.  Research continues to show that maintaining a balanced healthy microbiome is not just essential for the digestion and assimilation of food but also plays a much wider role in human physiology.  Overall physical and mental health is greatly effected by the health of your gut which makes up the majority of your immune system and is regulated by the microbes that live there.  Live fermented foods are a rich natural source of friendly bacteria and a great way to maintain gut health.

Kombucha delivered to your door

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