Kimchi 475g, Live Fermented.  Spicy & slightly sour with a deep umami flavour & a hint of smokiness

Classic Kimchi

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Live Fermented.  Handcrafted in small batches.  Raw and unpasteurised.

Our Great Taste 2017 2 Star award winning Classic Kimchi.  Spicy and slightly sour with a deep umami flavour, a hint of smokiness and subtle fizz.  

Great to liven up any meal or enjoyed straight from the jar.  Perfect with a noodle broth or stir fry or try it on a cheese toastie or as a gourmet burger topping.

INGREDIENTS: Chinese Cabbage, Carrot, Diakon, Red Pepper Flake, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Fish SauceShrimp, Salt, *Sugar, Rice Flour

*Sugar - The sugar is used to activate the fermentation and is almost entirely consumed by the time the product is ready to eat.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS:  Keep Refrigerated.  See lid for Best Before date.  Best Before dates are a guide for best quality, however the product is a live preserve and should last for longer if stored and maintained properly.  When storing the product it is best to keep the contents pressed down in the jar to allow the brine to cover the product.  This simple step will help to keep the product fresh for longer.